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Need panel content from active convention goers? We can provide that! Ranging from Dr. Who, Star Trek, to Video Gaming, we have a variety of members with the depth of knowledge in various subject areas to provide intriguing panels. For a full panel listing, please contact us at contactcdrobots -spamfilterAT-


1990's Anime: A decade of hits!
After the wild and crazy 1980’s, the 1990’s calmed down and produced some of the greatest anime that is still relevant today. Come to this panel and we’ll show you some of the best...and worst of the 1990’s.

Americanized Anime
Before anyone knew what "anime" was, they were just cartoons that weren't American enough. Join Children Driving Robots as we take a look at the different ways that anime was adapted over the years to Americanize them and why. 'murica!

Doctor Who: Lost in Time and Space
Beginning in 1967, the BBC wiped many master copies of its TV shows with Dr. Who being badly affected. Without overseas distribution most of these episodes would be lost...but many still remain missing to this day. This panel will be looking at why the tapes were wiped and what has been done to find these missing classics.

Star Trek: The captain did WHAT?!?!
Every Starfleet captain is the best of the best. Some have distinguished themselves more than others, saving the Federation time after time. Others...need to check their computer drives. Join Children Driving Robots for a discussion about Star Trek's captains, and rest assured: no one is safe from criticism.

The Beginners Guide to Game Development
The end is upon us. The world is shrouded in despair. A hero must rise up and develop a video game to save us all. Will that hero be you? From the story to the music, level design and programming, join Children Driving Robots as we look into the world of indie game development.

Women Who Made Doctor Who
For over 56 years Doctor Who has been breaking barriers and helping us see the world differently. Come join Children Driving Robots as we explore the women who helped shape Doctor Who into the international phenomenon it is today.

18+ Panels:

Animexperts Live (18+)
Are you an Animexpert? Could you describe an anime series with just one image and anime opening? Or would you describe it as the coolest and craziest series never made? Then come join Children Driving Robots and prove yourself to be an Animexpert!

Disney Movies Exposed (18+)
Disney studios didn't get their movie ideas from their own heads?! Surely all the original fairy tales have nice happily ever afters. Umm...No. Join Children Driving Robots as we look at some of the fairy tales, myths and books that inspire some Disney classics in this adults only panel.