Panels - We love conventions!
Need panel content from active convention goers? We can provide that! Ranging from Dr. Who, Convention Stories, Star Trek, to Video Gaming, we have a variety of members with the depth of knowledge in various subject areas to provide intriguing panels. For a full panel listing, please contact us at childrendrivingrobots -spamfilterAT-


1980's Cartoons and why they are still EPIC
He-Man, Jem, ThunderCats, and G.I. Joe are only some of the great 1980s cartoons that are still with us today. Children Driving Robots will be looking at why so many of these cartoons continue entertaining audiences in new forms such as comics, TV shows, and movies.

Doctor Who: Lost in Time and Space
Beginning in 1967, the BBC wiped many master copies of its TV shows with Dr. Who being badly affected. Without overseas distribution most of these episodes would be lost...but many still remain missing to this day. This panel will be looking at why the tapes were wiped and what has been done to find these missing classics.

Godzilla!!! Monster Mania in Japan
Since before World War II, Japan has been obsessed with monsters, from the iconic Godzilla all the way down to the obscure like Starfish men and demon planets. Come join Children Driving Robots as we break down this fascination and show off some of the monstrous goodness straight out of Japan.

Import Gaming for the Lazy
Curious about the video games that never made it to America, but intimidated by the prospect of modding your console or learning kanji? Children Driving Robots are here to help! Which consoles don't require a degree in electrical engineering to convert? Which genres are playable despite the language difference? Find out how to play imports with the bare minimum amount of effort!

Star Wars - The Untold Stories of the Galaxy
Have you heard the news that this thing called Extended Universe in Star Wars has become non-canon? Ever wonder what the Extended Universe was or why you should care that it is now non-canon? Come join Children Driving Robots as we delve into the history of the EU and consider its possible importance to the upcoming Star Wars films.

Steven Universe, Keep Beach City Weird
The TRUTH must be uncovered! Join Children Driving Robots as we discuss the secrets of Beach City. From just the bits, to the whole VI(Pizza), we will cover important topics such as Steven's powers, gem fusions and maybe even Lion! Come let us drive our van into your hearts!

18+ Panels:

Animexperts Live (18+)
Are you an Animexpert? Could you describe an anime series with just one image and anime opening? Or would you describe it as the coolest and craziest series never made? Then come join Children Driving Robots and prove yourself to be an Animexpert!

You're Still Standing: Con Stories
Are you still alive or just breathing? Come join Children Driving Robots as we tell our harrowing tales of con debauchery and misadventures. We will explain what to do at a convention and what NOT to do at conventions.